A 2,000-Year Roman Orgy!
September 30th-October 4th, 2015
at Seattle's Illustrious Triple Door
Our Fourth Spectacular Season

"sexy, beautiful, and silly...but definitely the most intense burlesque show you're likely to have seen." -Culture Mob

Burlesco DiVino: Wine in Rome
— the newest spectacle of ecdysiastic pageantry from Lily Verlaine and Jasper McCann, the producers of "Land Of The Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker" and "Through The Looking Glass: The Burlesque Alice In Wonderland"

The first act is a harvest celebration; the Herald sets the scene, and the dawn rises on three priestesses who dance to waken the grapevines. The grapes are then harvested, and the Harvesters of Bounty turn them into wine. After the Muses bless the wine from afar, the curtain rises on the Temple of Bacchus, where fire dancers and priestesses conjure the God Of Wine. Bacchus appears, accompanied by his leopard attendants, Zampa and Zanna. Frivolity and eros take hold, and...READ MORE»

Superstars, Rising Stars, a Fire Troupe, & Belly-Dancers!


Featuring burlesque superstars Lily Verlaine, The One and Only INGA, The Luminous Pariah, Paris Original, Trojan Original, and Jasper McCann, with rising stars Laurel Bordeaux, Tory Tiara, Holly Pop, Fosse Jack, and the fire-balancing fusion belly-dance trio Tribella, our powerful cast will leave you punch-drunk with delight!

Lily Verlaine Viognier Debuts at Burlesco Divino Opening

Lily Verlaine Viognier

Last night, Burlesco Divino: Wine in Rome opened for it’s second annual run at The Triple Door.  Coinciding with this opening, winemaker Reggie Mace of The Mortal Vintner and Mace Meadworks debuted his latest wine, a viognier with Lily Verlaine on the label.  I spoke with Reggie …READ MORE »